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Innovation Brokering for a Community-Based Economy (2012)

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Co-Learning Plan - 2012

Author: Deborah Groban Olson


This Co-Learning Plan presented and analyzed the efforts of the Community-Based Economy Group (CBE Group) in Detroit to adapt proven models of community-based business and social practices to help locally-rooted businesses accelerate transformation of Metro Detroit to a sustainable and inclusive local economy.

Summit Presentation


Deborah Groban OlsonDeborah Groban Olson

Deborah Groban Olson is an attorney with over 30 years' experience creating and advising employee-owned companies, and cooperatives, representing companies, trusts, unions and employees throughout the US. She leads the Community-Based Economy Group (CBE Group) in Metro Detroit, which includes: the non-profit Center for Community Based Enterprise, Inc. (C2BE); IngenuityUS, L3C, a community business developer and innovation broker; and the Detroit Community Cooperative. Olson also does research, writing, teaching and serves on a variety of boards.

Project Updated As Of September 30th, 2012