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Regional Economic Innovation

2017 REI Projects Across Michigan

Posted Wednesday, March 15, 2017

At REI, we're always looking for innovative ideas and dedicated individuals to spur economic growth, create jobs, and research new development tools, models, policies and practices in Michigan, and we've certainly found a few innovative ideas and dedicated individuals for our 2017 Co-Learning Plans, Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects, and Innovation Fellows Program! REI is happy to announce Co-Learning Plan awardees are as follows: Jerry Norris, to examine the validity of a private, for-profit incubator; Marvin Pichla, to create a cooperative set of practices and initiatives to encourage entrepreneurial activity in Briley Township; Jason Ball, to establish a working definition of social entrepreneurship in legacy cities; and Dayne Walling / Matt Ward to complete an analysis of federal, state, and local policies that have been effective in directing infrastructure investments for economic development purposes.

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects that REI will be supporting include: Ecotourism in the Upper Peninsula to be led by Jonathan Lenonien and a Fairlane Town Center Revitalization Plan to be led by Dr. Zenia Kotval (MSU) and Jeff Polkowski (City of Dearborn).

Lastly, this year's two Innovation Fellows are Bill Stough of Sustainable Research Group Inc., who will be working within the eastern region of Michigan to increase Triple Bottom Line business practices, and Samantha Farr of Farr Side Planning and Economic Development, who will be ramping up her successful Women Who Weld workshop in Detroit.

Thank you to all the applicants! As always, REI is committed to its mission of transforming innovative ideas into action within Michigan. We look forward to seeing the results of our awardees' work!