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Detroit Pop-Up Program Finding Permanence

Posted Saturday, March 1, 2014

The pop-up businesses frenzy is leading to some retail permanence for branches of pop-up retailers in both the downtown and neighborhoods of Detroit. A diverse variety of small businesses such as a clothier, toy shop, indie movie theatre and garment-maker are all looking to stay in the area to run their businesses. Starting a pop-up business initially allows the owners to get an idea of the market, consumer's behavior, size of the store, basically all aspects of owning a business before fully committing. Co-learning Plan author for the 2014 project year, Michael Forsyth is featured in an article in The Detroit News, discussing the successes of test-running a business through the pop-up program. Overall many small business owners who have tried a pop-up business development program were able to learn more about the market, their products, the community, and the lifestyle of a business owner as a whole. To learn more about the pop-up program development check out The Detroit News and Michael Forsyth's upcoming Co-Learning Plan at the 2014 Innovate Michigan! Annual REI Summit as well as on the web.