EDA University Center for
Regional Economic Innovation

Do You Have an Innovative Idea for Michigan?

Posted Monday, July 1, 2013

We need you to submit your ideas to revitalize and strengthen Michigan's economy! These ideas can be tools, models, policies, or programs that improve the lives and business opportunities of those in your community. Past ideas include an internship program for distressed communities, construction of a creative incubator, and on-site technology training for rural businesses. No idea is too small. We want to hear new ideas along with innovative practices that may already be working in your community!

Through these new and innovative ideas, the University Center for Regional Economic Innovation works with you (if you so choose) to establish a Collaborative Learning Plan, which helps to disseminate your idea out to the REI Network, along with your research and methods, for a better Michigan. Who knows, your idea may be Michigan's next major claim to fame!

Click here to submit your idea!