EDA University Center for
Regional Economic Innovation

Latino Entrepreneurship Development Initiative

Posted Friday, May 1, 2015

REI is excited to announce a new collaborative initiative with the Julian Samora Research Institute, the Latino Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (LEDI). Recognizing the importance of reaching every sector and ethnic community in the state, LEDI is intended to research the current scale of Latino and Hispanic-owned businesses in Michigan, determine the needs of those businesses, and identify the best approach to help them grow and succeed.

LEDI has formed an advisory committee that will help guide and develop ideas for improving the economic conditions in the state for these businesses. Based on the results of a survey, the advisory committee will make recommendations on how certain economic conditions may be improved.

If you are a Hispanic or Latino business owner or would like to be a part of the advisory committee for LEDI, please contact Melisa Valdes or Dr. Ruben Martinez.