EDA University Center for
Regional Economic Innovation

Success Through Investment

Posted Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Recently, REI conducted an evaluation of its activities during the 2013-14 project year. The resulting information showed that one project was extraordinarily successful: Forging a Future: Recommendations for Strengthening Detroit's Mt. Elliott Employment District. This report was developed by a student urban planning team at the University of Michigan's Taubman College and subsequently shared with EDA, and resulted in a $600,000 planning grant investment toward future development of the Mt. Elliott Corridor.

Since 2011, REI has funded more than 80 Co-Learning Plans and Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects aimed at exploring new and innovative economic development policies and practices that have resulted in more than $1.5 million in public and private investment.

According to a study conducted by Anderson Economic Group, Michigan's University Research Corridor (URC), which includes the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and Michigan State University, contributed roughly $17.5 billion to Michigan's economy in 2014. The study included jobs created and maintained during that time. These outcomes highlight the importance of the work done at centers like REI, both in the direct investment toward jobs created, as well as the indirect investment through studies funded by it. MSU's President, Lou Anna K. Simon commented, "the University Research Corridor's impact extends far beyond the $17.5 billion that the three institutions bring to Michigan's economy,” referring to the impact the universities have on a global scale. For more information, download the full URC Annual Economic Impact Report or view the infographic.