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Innovate Michigan! Summit 2019

Innovate Michigan! Summit 2019 promotional video.

The 8th annual Innovate Michigan! Summit and Michigan Inventors Coalition (MIC) Expo will be held on Thursday, August 29, 2019 at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing. The Innovate Michigan! Summit will feature presentations on innovative economic development tools, models, programs, and policies from around the state. Following the Summit, participants are invited to stroll the MIC Expo and network at the evening reception.

Risk Takers: Improving Communities through Economic Development

Risk Takers Video Thumbnail

In the past 50 years it has become apparent that traditional economic development practices don’t address the social inequalities and growing income gap in Michigan. In our mission to rethink these methods, The Michigan State University Center for Regional Economic Innovation has engaged with some of the most innovative thinkers and doers. We've tracked down some of these remarkable risk takers from across the state, offering a glimpse into understanding how they are changing the way we do economic development.

Social Enterprise Organizations in Michigan

Social Enterprise Video Thumbnail

A Social Enterprise is an organization that generates revenue by selling a product or service to serve their mission of delivering social value. In this video, we have highlighted multiple social enterprises across Michigan, and offered advice as to how local governments can help create policies to encourage the development of social enterprises in their communities.

Grand Ledge Fledge

Fledge Video Thumbnail

The Fledge is examining the validity of a private, for-profit business incubator. By studying the revenue and equity sharing model being used at the Grand Ledge Fledge, LLC., this Co-Learning Plan will produce recommendations on how to develop sustainable practices for a successful incubator model. The Fledge is is dedicated to improving the business environment in Mid Michigan through competitions, incubation and acceleration. They use a project based innovation approach to combine many skills and disciplines together to develop ideas and take them from conception to commercialization.

Innovate Michigan! Summit 2017 Recap

Summit 2017 Recap Video Thumbnail

Footage recapping our annual Innovate Michigan! Summit in East Lansing. We learned and shared with economic developers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, scholars, students, local and state government officials, and other community leaders at the event, which featured presentations from REI's 2017 innovative economic development projects, including current and potential tools, models, policies, programs, student projects, and Michigan inventions.

Discovery to Market

Discovery to Market Video Thumbnail

Watch and learn how inventors can make the best out of their resources and see what efforts Michigan has been making to connect people, resources, and capital to push ideas from concept to market.

Innovate Michigan! Summit 2017 Promo

Summit 2017 Video Thumbnail

Join us on Friday, September 15th, 2017 for our annual Innovate Michigan! Summit, in East Lansing Michigan. Learn, share and create innovative economic development tools, models, policies and programs. Hear what our Co-Learning, Co-Implementation, and Student-Led, Faculty-Guided project authors have researched and discovered.


Aquahouse Video Thumbnail

Abandoned houses are being turned into greenhouses that supply healthier and cheaper life styles for the neighborhoods of Flint.

Flint City Pop-Up

Flint City Pop-Up Video Thumbnail

Flint City Pop-Up has educates and supports emerging entrepreneurs through a combination of monthly meetings, regular pop-up shop opportunities, and hands-on mentoring.

Aquahouse Trailer

Aquahouse Trailer Video Thumbnail

Get ready for the upcoming success of aquahouses, starting in Flint, Michigan. Find out how abandoned houses can be turned into greenhouses to supply healthier and cheaper life styles for their neighborhoods.

Innovate Michigan! Summit 2016

Innovate Michigan! Summit 2016 Video Thumbnail

Join us on September 7th for our fifth annual Innovate Michigan! Summit. Discover what MSU REI has done to spark nearly $60,000,000 of investment into Michigan's economy and come help us Innovate Michigan!

Women Who Weld

Women Who Weld Video Thumbnail

Watch to learn about Women Who Weld, a non-profit organization out of Detroit, Michigan that teaches unemployed women how to weld and find work within the industry.

Discovery to Market

Discovery to Market Video Thumbnail

Watch and learn how inventors can make the best out of their resources and see what efforts Michigan has been making to connect people, resources, and capital to push ideas from concept to market.

MILE Law: Investment Based Crowdfunding

MILE Law Video Thumbnail

Learn about the MILE Law (Michigan Invests Locally Exemption). Discover the power of investment based crowdfunding and also hear the story of how it came to be.

2015 Innovate Michigan Summit Recap

Summit 2015 Video Thumbnail

Check out what happened at this year's Innovate Michigan! Summit, hear what presenters and participants thought of the event, and find out how they feel about what the REI Network is doing for communities abroad.

Placemaking and Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects

Placemaking Video Thumbnail

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects provide assistance to Michigan communities in completing local and regional development initiatives. These projects provide data analysis and technical assistance to communities that may not have the financial resources or time to complete projects without assistance. These projects do more than just help communities; they also build student confidence and provide students with the tools necessary to be successful later in their careers. But, most importantly, these projects create jobs, build a better quality of place, and build vibrant communities.

Innovate Michigan! Summit 2014 Highlights

Summit 2014 Video Thumbnail

Innovate Michigan! is an annual event hosted by REI, offering presentations of interest to a broad spectrum of participants, including business owners, faculty students, and those in the non-profits industry. Innovate Michigan! provides opportunities to network and learn.

Pop-Up Business Model

Pop-Up Business Model Video Thumbnail

This Co-Learning Plan focused on the tangible tasks, challenges, and best practices associated with development and management of pop-up programs in Detroit and around the nation, using 'REVOLVE Detroit' as a model.

Senator Carl Levin Thanks REI

Senator Levin Video Thumbnail

U.S. Senator Carl Levin thanks the University Center for Regional Economic Innovation at the 2014 REI Innovate Michigan! Summit.

Skills Gap

Skills Gap Video Thumbnail

This research focuses on the skills gap in the Michigan manufacturing sector, with an emphasis on how producer firms can play a role to address workforce development obstacles by collaborating with institutions and actors in their local supply chains and industrial clusters.

Small Business Technology

Small Business Technology Video Thumbnail

Connect Michigan has been leading the way to bring the economic and quality of life benefits of broadband to all Michigan residents. This Co-Learning Plan explores the opportunity for hands-on, on-site technology training for Michigan small businesses and suggests a model for local implementation.