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A Walkable Community: Connecting East Canfield Village

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Project (2021)

Authors: Dr. Kyu-Nahm Jun


Interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate students will develop, alongside the Canfield Consortium, 3 products: 1) a holistic high-level vacant land strategy for East Canfield Village; 2) a detailed design vision for the “Canfield Cut,” a neighborhood passageway, comprised of a network of vacant contiguous and/or adjacent lots, and 3) a complete Detroit Land Bank Authority acquisition application that will allow the Canfield Consortium to make this project a reality. The expectation is that these 3 products will seamlessly and successfully stitch together multiple neighborhood and/or community revitalization initiatives seeking to strengthen affordable housing, improve resident health,  spur workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities, encourage smaller/informal neighborhood hubs, improve mobility, and support more productive and innovative landscapes.  

This project encourages students to comprehensively examine the challenges of excessive unproductive land rather than isolated and individual approaches that may or may not align with concurrent community initiatives.  

Author Information

Established in 2015, Canfield Consortium is a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life in the East Canfield Village neighborhood, currently targeting greening and beautification initiatives, vacant land revitalization strategies, land stewardship, and community partnerships. East Canfield Village is bounded by I-94 (N), Beniteau Street (E), Mack Avenue (S), and Cadillac Boulevard (W). 

Contact the Author

Faculty Member: Dr. Kyu-Nahm Jun, MPA Director and Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Community Client: Renee Pellegrini, Master of Public Administration Program