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2023: Benefits of Worker-Owned Cooperative Business Development for Low-Income Residents in Michigan

Innovation Fellow - 2023

Authors: Margo Dalal


Introducing incentive and support programs for worker ownership in Michigan can preserve local jobs as business owners retire and increase wealth-building opportunities in low-income communities statewide. Although there is ample research to support the economic and social benefits of work ownership, more research is needed on the public perception of worker ownership from both business owners and employees and small business technical assistance providers to create successful state and city worker ownership initiatives. This Innovation Fellowship will leverage the Detroit Community Wealth Fund as the state’s only loan fund that finances democratically owned and operated cooperative businesses and the only cooperative business incubator. 

Author Information

Margo Dalal is the co-founder and Executive Director of Detroit Community Wealth Fund. With seven years of experience in cooperative business development, Margo has developed several programs to both develop start-up cooperative owned businesses to support existing worker-owned businesses and also transition mature businesses to worker ownership. Detroit Community Wealth Fund finances cooperative and worker-owned businesses in the Detroit region. Currently, she serves on the board and the sustainability committee of Seed Commons and has approved over $15 million of financing to work her own businesses in the US. Margo has a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan and has written about the racial and economic benefits to worker ownership in the Detroit region.