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Regional Economic Innovation

Innovation 5: An Approach to Advancing Economic Development through Entrepreneurship, STEM Promotion and Fostering Innovation and Collaboration (2013)

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Co-Learning Plan - 2013

Author: Thomas Deits, Ph.D., Impression 5


Delivering advanced manufacturing tools as public resources for communities and utilizing them in formal and informal STEM education opportunities will promote economic growth through learning applicable skills.


Thomas Deits, Ph.D.Thomas Deits, Ph.D., Impression 5

Thomas Deits has been active in K-20 education, informal education and workforce development for his entire career. In education he has served as Chair of the Science Department at LCC and as program manager for the NSF Regional Center for Nanotechnology Education, Nano-Link. His accomplishments include the establishment and ongoing funding of NanoDay at Impression 5 Science Center for the past 8 years. His workforce development activities including work to establish and fund the Michigan BioAlliance. His business background includes 7 years in technology commercialization as Director of Molecular Biology at MBI International.

Project Updated As Of September 30th, 2013