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2023: Leveraging the Planning Process to Create a Model of Engagement for Communities in Need

Co Learning Plan Author - 2023

Authors: Dr. John (Jake) Parcell


Leveraging the planning process to improve regional efforts in communities with a high percentage of ALICE residents can be difficult due to a lack of capacity. This Co-Learning Plan focuses on the REI categorical areas of 21st century communications and resiliency planning by developing a model for organizations can use to make the planning process operate more effectively for communities who lack the technical and institutional capacity to achieve their greatest results. This will be accomplished through a rigorous review of best practices and a Delphi Study of volunteer officials from commissions to identify ways to improve the planning process. 

Author Information

Dr. John (Jake) Parcell

Dr. Parcell is a planner by trade, who is interested in creating a better model of engagement to help communities and planning organizations better utilize the planning process to help benefit their communities. Jake has been a planner and staff liaison to volunteer boards in communities, such as Flint, which lacked capacity at the time, and such as the City of East Lansing, which is fortunate enough to have a highly skilled and engaged volunteer Planning Commissioners and Zoning Board Members. He also has experience being a Commissioner, currently serving as a Planning Commissioner in his home city of Hazel Park. Dr. Parcell holds a PhD in planning from Michigan State University where he used subject matter experts from across the globe to complete a Delphi Study on the planning and design process of introducing disruptive technologies into Michigan.