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2023: MSU Urban and Regional Planning Practicum Course

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects - Spring, 2023

Authors: Dr. Zenia Kotval


MSU Urban and Regional Planning Practicum course students will be working on six projects under the guidance of Dr. Zenia Kotval. Students will create a sidewalk inventory for safer routes for children; build community engagement to guide action strategies, a comprehensive neighborhood redevelopment strategy, and survey of land use characteristics; a recreation director position feasibility study, recreational asset development; a development and finance plan for a key corridor in Lansing; a district improvement plan, development options for district businesses on Main Street, and a vacant parcel reuse plan. Students will also work on community requirement guidelines for potential projects, development policies review, and a consolidation plan. Updates on these projects and additional information will be shared on the REI website in the next weeks.

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