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Co-Learning Plan Call for Authors

Co-Learning is a process in which multiple parties collaborate to generate new knowledge. In a Co-Learning Project, innovative economic development tools, models, strategies, policies, and practices are researched, and the findings and recommendations serve as a key resource for economic development practitioners and policymakers in Michigan. Co-Learning Plans can be written by practitioners, decision-makers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, or other stakeholders.

REI will be funding up to four Co-Learning Projects in 2017, at up to $8,000 per project. This is a great opportunity for experts working in entrepreneurship, business development, K-20 education, exporting, IT, policy-making, venture capitalism, scholarly research, civic leadership, urban and regional planning, and economic development. Please consider sharing your expertise with the REI Network to help strengthen Michigan's economy!

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If you have any questions about the Innovation Fellow Program, feel free to contact Jennifer Bruen, Project Coordinator at or call (517)353-9555.

Application deadline: December 21, 2016

REI Innovation Fellow Program

Apply to be an REI Innovation Fellow Today!

The Innovation Fellows program was established in 2016 to attract and support top champions in communities to tackle the tough economic development issues faced every day. Innovation Fellows will provide on-the-ground support and coordination to move from concepts to actions, implementing new economic development tools, models, and policies in distressed communities or regions of Michigan. Innovation Fellows will be funded through a competitive award process to which only serious, dedicated individuals should apply.

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If you have any questions about the Innovation Fellow Program, feel free to contact Jennifer Bruen, Project Coordinator at or call (517)353-9555.

Application deadline: January 18, 2017

Student-Led, Faculty Guided Projects

Announcing the 2017 Spring Semester SLFG Projects

Optimizing Eco-Tourism in Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Michigan Technological University:

A student research team at MSU will research and develop an inventory of the Upper Peninsula's eco-tourism resources and gaps. They will compare these with similar successful eco-tourism regions and suggest a stronger business model.

The Fairlane Area: Transforming the Mall into an Inclusive Part of the Overall Community

This project will focus on the automobile-oriented Fairlane Planning Area located in the center of the City. Dearborn planners would like to support a redevelopment project that integrates the mall site with the rest of the community. It is the City's goal to partner with MSU's student planners to create a Vision Plan and Economic Development Strategy that will include recommendations for connectivity, beautification, urban design and redevelopment opportunities. The City seeks to attract commercial and residential redevelopment, improve connections between the east and west Dearborn, identify underutilized land, and enhance pedestrian access. Additionally, the City of Dearborn is interested in providing students with an opportunity to experience municipal planning and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their courses to help improve the Fairlane Area.

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