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July, 2017

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Innovate Michigan! Summit 2017

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Join us on Friday, September 15th, 2017 for our annual Innovate Michigan! Summit, in East Lansing Michigan. Learn, share and create innovative economic development tools, models, policies and programs. Hear what our Co-Learning, Co-Implementation, and Student-Led, Faculty-Guided project authors have researched and discovered. For more information, head over to our Summit page.

Summit Presentations

Social Entrepreneurship in Legacy Cities

Co-Learning Plan - Jason Ball and Steve Wolbert, Community Ventures and Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative
Social Impact Philanthropy and Investment (SIPI) is collaborating with the Community Ventures program and the Urban Entrepreneurship initiative to establish a working definition of social entrepreneurship in Michigan's legacy cities and distressed urban areas.

The Fledge

Co-Learning Plan - Jerry Norris, The Fledge
The Fledge is examining the validity of a private, for-profit business incubator. The revenue- and equity-sharing model being used at the Grand Ledge Fledge, LLC will help explain how to develop sustainable practices for a successful incubator model.

Successful Innovative Ideas in Rural Areas

Co-Learning Plan - Marv Pichla, Inspiring Innovation LLC
Community leaders in and around Briley Township are working to unite residents and organizations to foster collaboration, commerce, and communication, aiming to build the area economically and residentially. Dr. Marvin Pichla, the project leader, will work with Briley Township to design a guidebook to facilitate a "bottom-up" approach to entrepreneurship and knowledge development.

Public Infrastructure and Economic Development

Co-Learning Plan - Dayne Walling and Matt Ward, 21Performance
This project will complete an analysis of federal, state, and local policies that have been effective in directing infrastructure investments for economic development purposes. Models will be recommended for Michigan with guidance on projected costs, benefits, and outcomes.

Women Who Weld

Innovation Fellow - Samantha Farr
Women Who Weld is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Detroit that teaches unemployed and underemployed women how to weld through a 6-week program, and then helps them to find employment in the welding industry.

Triple Bottom Line to Promote Entrepreneurial Innovation

Innovation Fellow - Bill Stough
Bill Stough is supporting organizations to initiate a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach to economic development in the Saginaw Bay region, to drive the growth of companies that are decidedly place-based, pay better wages, and prefer purchasing local goods and services.

Impacts of Big Box Stores

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Project - Sitou Akibode & Mark Skidmore, Michigan State University
This study helps to understand and assess the impact of "big box store" tax issues on local communities and governments, and explores new forms of partnership/collaboration between communities and big box stores, including community benefits agreements (CBAs).

Redevelopment of Fairlane Town Center

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Project - Dr. Zenia Kotval, Michigan State University & Jeff Polkowski, City of Dearborn
This project focuses on Dearborn's central city automobile-oriented Fairlane Planning Area and aims to develop a redevelopment project to integrate the mall site with the rest of the Dearborn community, attracting commercial and residential redevelopment, improving connections between east and west Dearborn, identifying underutilized land, and enhancing pedestrian access.

Ecotourism in the Upper Peninsula

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Project - Jonathan Lenonien, Michigan Technological University
This ecotourism project was created by a student research team at Michigan Tech, who researched and developed an inventory of the Upper Peninsula's ecotourism resources and gaps. The team compared these with similar successful ecotourism regions and suggested a stronger business model.


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