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November, 2017

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A diverse and dynamic network that develops and implements innovative economic development ideas, tools, models, policies, and practices for Michigan.

In This Issue

Completed Projects

The Grand Ledge Fledge

The Fledge was one of our 2016-2017 project year Co-Learning Plans. It is examining the validity of a private, for-profit business incubator. By studying the revenue and equity sharing model being used at the Grand Ledge Fledge, LLC., the Co-Learning Plan has produced recommendations on how to develop sustainable practices for a successful incubator model. The Fledge is dedicated to improving the business environment in Mid Michigan through competitions, incubation and acceleration. They use a project based innovation approach to combine many skills and disciplines together to develop ideas and take them from conception to commercialization.

Co-Learning Plans

Call for 2018 Co-Learning Plans

Due Date for Applications is December 8th, 2017

Co-Learning is a process in which multiple parties collaborate to generate new knowledge. In a Co-Learning Project, innovative economic development tools, models, strategies, policies, and practices are researched, and the findings and recommendations serve as a key resource for economic development practitioners and policymakers in Michigan. Co-Learning Plans can be written by practitioners, decision-makers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, or other stakeholders. Co-Learning authors are expected to conduct research, engage in Co-Learning with peers, write a Co-Learning Plan, develop a dissemination plan, identify potential Innovation Fellows, and present at the Innovate Michigan! Summit. 

Photo of Jason on a computer

Jason Ball presenting his Co-Learning Plan at the 2017 Innovate Michigan! Summit

Co-Learning Plan selection is a competitive process. REI typically funds up to four Co-Learning Projects each year, and authors receive up to $8,000 in support. Visit the Submit an Application page to apply for funding.

Read through our topic ideas for the next round of projects!

Innovation Fellows

Call for Innovation Fellows

Due Date for Applications is December 22nd, 2017

The Innovation Fellows Program seeks to incorporate the tools, models, and policies identified in Co-Learning Projects into practice in communities around Michigan. The Innovation Fellows program was established in 2016 to attract and support top champions in communities and organizations to tackle the tough economic development issues that our distressed communities face every day. Innovation Fellows provide on-the-ground support and coordination to move concepts to actions, implementing new economic development tools, models, and policies. Innovation Fellows, recruited by REI, its partners, Economic Development Districts (EDDs), and past Co-Learning Project leaders will identify recommendations in past Co-Learning Projects to serve as current and practical information for local and state economic development practitioners and policymakers as they consider important decisions for Michigan communities and regions.

Innovation Fellows are funded through a competitive award process to which only serious, dedicated individuals should apply. The Submit an Application page to apply for funding is open now!

Photo of Samantha and Bill

Innovation Fellows Samantha Farr and Bill Stough at the 2017 Innovate Michigan! Summit

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