Discovering and applying new and innovative economic development tools, models, policies, and programs
Creating Jobs and Wealth in Distressed Michigan Communities

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  • Co-Implementation Plans

    The Innovation Fellows (IF) Program seeks to incorporate the tools, models, and policies identified in Co-Learning Projects into practice in communities around Michigan. Innovation Fellows provide on-the-ground support and coordination to move concepts to actions, tackling tough economic development issues that our distressed communities face every day, while implementing new economic development tools, models, and policies.

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  • Co-Learning Plans

    Co-Learning is a process in which multiple parties collaborate to generate new knowledge. In a Co-Learning Project, innovative economic development tools, models, strategies, policies, and practices are researched, and the findings and recommendations serve as a key resource for economic development practitioners and policymakers in Michigan.

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  • Student-Led/ Faculty-Guided

    Student-Led, Faculty-Guided projects provide assistance to Michigan communities in completing local and regional economic development initiatives. Work is completed by students at colleges and universities throughout the state, under the supervision of experienced faculty. Students gain firsthand and practical experience in the application of previously studied theory, and economic development professionals receive technical assistance that might not otherwise be available.

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