• Photo of Rex L. LaMore

    Rex L. LaMore

    Director, Center for Community Economic Development

  • Photo of John Melcher

    John Melcher

    Associate Director, Center for Community and Economic Development

  • Photo of Jennifer Bruen

    Jennifer Bruen

    Project Coordinator, University Center for Regional Economic Innovation

  • Photo of Grey L. Pierce

    Grey L. Pierce

    Assistant Director, Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting
    Project Manager, State of the State Survey, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research
    Outreach Coordinator, University Center for Regional Economic Innovation, Center for Community and Economic Development

  • Photo of John H. Schweitzer

    John H. Schweitzer

    Professor, School of Planning, Design, and Construction

  • Placeholder photo

    Mark Wilson

    Associate Director, School of Planning, Design and Construction
    Professor, Urban and Regional Planning

  • Photo of Carlie Couzens

    Carlie Couzens

    Research Assistant, Regional Economic Innovation

  • Photo of Jeffrey Franklin

    Jeffrey Franklin

    Editing and Multimedia, Regional Economic Innovation

  • Placeholder photo

    Madeline Hancock

    Accessibility and Videography, Regional Economic Innovation

  • Photo of Sydney Jackson

    Sydney Jackson

    Accessibility and Editing, Regional Economic Innovation

  • Photo of Heather Mahoney

    Heather Mahoney

    Editing and Multimedia, Regional Economic Innovation

  • Placeholder photo

    Sara Moring-Hilt

    Research Assistant, Regional Economic Innovation

  • Photo of Tommaso Randazzo

    Tommaso Randazzo

    Communications Manager and Head Designer, Regional Economic Innovation