Consultative Panel

  • Photo of Mohamed Ayoub

    Mohamed Ayoub

    City of Westland Planning Director

  • Photo of Jim Baker

    Jim Baker

     Executive Director, Innovation and Industry Engagement, Michigan Technological University

  • Photo of Robin Boyle

    Robin Boyle

    Professor of Urban Planning, Chair of Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Wayne State University

  • Photo of John Egelhaaf

    John Egelhaaf

    Executive Director, Southwest Michigan Planning Commission

  • Photo of Ann Erhardt

    Ann Erhardt

    CC-P and ISSP-CSP; Founder and Chief Strategist of Commons Logic, LLC

  • Photo of Peilei Fan

    Peilei Fan

    Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning; School of Planning, Design, and Construction; Michigan State University

  • Photo of Rita Fields

    Rita Fields

    313 Industries, Copper Phoenix Consulting, LLC, University of Michigan

  • Placeholder photo

    Jane Fitzpatrick

    Program Manager, East Michigan Council of Governments

  • Photo of Eric Frederick

    Eric Frederick

    State Program Manager, Connect Michigan

  • Photo of Denise Graves

    Denise Graves

    University Relations Director, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

  • Photo of Ritchie H. Harrison

    Ritchie H. Harrison

    Co-Director, Great Lakes Leadership Academy, Michigan State University Extension

  • Photo of Charles A. Hasemann

    Charles A. Hasemann

    Executive Director, Michigan State University Innovation Center

  • Placeholder photo

    Dave Ivan

    Community, Food & Environment Institute Director, MSU Extension
    Director, Greening Michigan Institute

  • Photo of Kevin A. Johnson

    Kevin A. Johnson

    Planner, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)

  • Placeholder photo

    Erin Kuhn

    Executive Director, West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC)

  • Photo of Jonathan Leinonen

    Jonathan Leinonen

    Instructor and Project Advisor, School of Business and Economics, Michigan Technological University

  • Photo of Rubén Martinez

    Rubén Martinez

    Director, Julian Samora Research Institute

  • Placeholder photo

    Cassi Meitl

    Senior Advisor, Jobs and Economy Team, Mayor's Office at City of Detroit

  • Placeholder photo

    Lori Mullins

    Director of Community Development Incentives, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

  • Placeholder photo

    Nicole Noll-Williams

    Mid-Michigan Regional Director, Senator Gary Peters

  • Photo of Terence O'Neill

    Terence O'Neill

    Entrepreneurship Librarian, Michigan State University

  • Photo of Barry Randolph

    Barry Randolph

    Board Member, Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation

  • Placeholder photo

    Diane Rekowski

    Executive Director, North East Michigan Council of Governments

  • Photo of Eric Shannon

    Eric Shannon

    Performance & Technology Specialist (Southfield, MI)

  • Photo of Amber Shinn

    Amber Shinn

    Program Manager, University Research Corridor

  • Photo of Thomas M. Smith

    Thomas M. Smith

    Associate Director of the Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT)

  • Placeholder photo

    Paulette Stenzel

    MSU Business College | Spartan Global

  • Photo of Bill Stough

    Bill Stough

    Independent Consultant, Bill Stough LLC

  • Photo of Ken Szymusiak

    Ken Szymusiak

    Managing Director, Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Burgess IEI)

  • Placeholder photo

    Steven Weiland

    Professor, MSU HALE

  • Photo of Arnold Weinfeld

    Arnold Weinfeld

    Director of Urban Policy Initiatives, Michigan State University Outreach and Engagement

  • Placeholder photo

    Crystal Wilson

    MSU Extension

  • Photo of Kara Wood

    Kara Wood

    Economic Development Director, City of Grand Rapids