EDA University Center for
Regional Economic Innovation

Completed Projects

  • This section consists of Co-Learning Plans that focus on city and county-based revitalization projects which effectively reuse existing materials to create new development trends.
  • Original and innovative projects, especially those that facilitate job creation and investment, are vital to sustainable growth.
  • Utilizing digital tools allows for expansive growth through effective data sharing, collecting, and analyzing.
  • Focusing on small businesses, this section identifies key challenges for start-ups and the successful business strategies for overcoming barriers to growth.
  • Determined to find sustainable solutions, this section offers innovative plans and business practices for forming a successful food economy.
  • Concentrating on individual cities, these Co-Learning Plans offer unique solutions to existing problems found in communities throughout Michigan.
  • With the growth of skilled positions, and a post-secondary degree becoming increasingly important, these Co-Learning Plans offer methods to ensure that Michigan’s workforce has necessary skills to succeed.