Eric Shannon

Eric Shannon

Innovation & Performance Specialist

Innovation & Performance Specialist (Southfield, MI)


Eric Shannon

Focusing on ways to help local government improve operational effectiveness, Eric reports to Southfield’s City Administrator advising on a variety of topics such as digitization, workflow development and analysis, interdepartmental communication, and the utilization of software across multiple departments in coordination with the Director of Technology Services.

Eric contributes a broad, and in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship, literary research, innovation in local government, business management and strategy, and critical thought driven by a natural curiosity to learn. With specific experience in developing smart city initiatives, environmental sustainability efforts, and interdepartmental projects that improve local government processes and effectiveness, Eric has presented and collaborated on behalf of communities in New York and Michigan at events across the United States. He has also presented, contributed to, and published material on how innovation drives sustainable cities, municipal driven public Wi-Fi platforms, Smart City frameworks, envisioning a municipal operations dashboard, and the environmental responsibility of municipalities.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Biophysics and a Master of Science in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His experiences as a teaching assistant, entrepreneur, analytical chemist, nutrition researcher, United States sister-city representative for Schenectady, NY and Kunming, China, Innovation & Performance Specialist, 2018 Smart Cities Connect Horizon Award recipient, and Election Administrator lead to a dynamic perspective. Eric utilizes these unique experiences to fuel his passion for public service and deliver objective, data driven research and implementation methods to Southfield’s constituents.