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Board Member, Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation

Barry Randolph
Barry Randolph

Pastor Barry Randolph is a graduate of Martin Luther King High School and attended Wayne State University. With a background in business he co-owned a distribution company, health food store and a fine dining restaurant in the 80's and 90's. Feeling something missing in his life he started attending Church of the Messiah where he truly found his calling. He began as a volunteer tutor for the after school programs, and held various positions such as the Sunday School Teacher, Youth Director and Worship Leader. In June 2002, he became an ordained priest and now pastors Church of Messiah. Pastor Randolph served as the Executive Director of the Build Leaders for Village Development Harambee (Blvd Harambee). Blvd Harambee is the social services arm of Messiah. It includes a food pantry, fitness and nutrition programs, summer camp and the Mt. Elliot Makerspace.

Pastor Randolph currently serves as a board member of the Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation which is one of the oldest community development corporations in the country. It provides affordable housing to over 400 residents in the city of Detroit and has invested over 48 million dollars in the Island view neighborhood.