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Regional Economic Innovation

Co-Learning Explained

Collaborative learning, or Co-Learning, is the process of co-creation, co-application and dissemination of valued knowledge. In Co-Learning, the aggregate knowledge, expertise, and experience of practitioners, decision-makers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, and stakeholders is applied in a regional planning process. A key objective of the Co-Learning Plans is to create actionable knowledge and to design and implement innovative development strategies to accelerate competitive success in the global economy.

Co-Learning authors must have the willingness and commitment to follow through on the project according to the individual work plan, deliverables, time-line and budget. They must have considerable experience in the writing of publishable quality papers and the ability to present these materials to a diverse audience. Co-Learning authors are expected to serve as the key person(s) on the project and to take the lead on the following activities:

  • The research and analysis of the topic
  • Facilitating the collaborative learning process amongst peers in the field of interest
  • Writing the Co-Learning Plan
  • Delivering webinars on their findings and recommendations
  • Presenting on their Co-Learning Plan at the Innovate Michigan! Summit

Examples of past Co-Learning Plans can be viewed on REI’s current projects page.