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2013: Afterhouse

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Project - Summer, 2013

Authors: Steven Mankouche, Abigail Murray, Edward Sach, Matthew Schulte, Jono Sturt, & Travis Williams, University of Michigan


This project evaluated the feasibility of reusing abandoned property in Detroit. Afterhouse looked at the reuse of a specific abandoned structure on 3347 Burnside. A group of students, artists, architects, and faculty from University of Michigan's Taubman College deconstructed the house in order to reuse the house's foundation for a semi subterranean geothermal greenhouse. This prototype serves as a model to be replicated in order to increase the city's economic viability.


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Author Information

Steven Mankouche, University of Michigan

Steven Mankouche, University of Michigan

Steven Mankouche is a registered architect and an Associate Professor of Architecture at University of Michigan's Taubman College. He teaches architectural fabrication, construction as well as graduate and undergraduate design studios.

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