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2024: Analysis & Mapping of Michigan Licensed Appraisers 1980-2022

Co Learning Plan Author - 2024

Authors: David Palmer


Even though state licensed appraisers play a critical role in Michigan’s residential real estate market, there appears to be very little known about those individuals who are licensed. National fair housing organizations paint the occupation with a broad brush stating over 95% are older white males and there appears to be no initiative to recruit and develop diverse talent into the occupation. The State of Michigan has little to say about this observation. Acknowledging decades of consistent appraisal valuation challenges in the City of Detroit for residential homes, and a long history of racial discrimination in housing, this paper will use public data to detail what is publicly known about licensed appraisers in Michigan in the period from 1980 to 2022. With information available and in the open, this important regulated occupation can be better studied and analyzed to determine if appraisers reflect the communities served or determine if what national fair housing organizations claim is true for the US is also true, specifically in Michigan. 

Author Information

David Palmer, MPA, is a multi-disciplinary convener, facilitator, public speaker, researcher, entrepreneur, and Realtor, in private practice. He is principal of DC Palmer LLC and is a licensed Michigan Real Estate Associate Broker, affiliated with Realty Experts, LLC. While the Senior Director at the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN, 2014-2019), he supported the development, award, and program implementation for over $40 million in federal, state and foundation grants received to support workforce training and capacity building in the 16 county Detroit region. Mr. Palmer holds a Master of Public Administration degree, with honors, from Eastern Michigan University (EMU). He also earned a graduate certificate in nonprofit management and an undergraduate degree in political science and business from EMU.