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2017: The Fledge

Co-Learning Plan - 2017

Authors: Jerry Norris, The Fledge


The Fledge is examining the validity of a private, for-profit business incubator. By studying the revenue and equity sharing model being used at the Grand Ledge Fledge, LLC., this Co-Learning Plan will produce recommendations on how to develop sustainable practices for a successful incubator model. Additionally, it will also describe the process used for innovation, planning, prototyping and launching a business within the Fledge.

Project Updated As Of September 30th, 2017


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Author Information

Jerry NorrisJerry Norris, The Fledge

Jerry obtained a B.S. in Statistics from the University of Michigan, with a focus on Computer Science, and then began his career as a Quality Engineer and ISO 9000 Lead Auditor in 1988. Throughout the years, he moved up through the ranks of the quality profession (i.e. Quality Manager, Director of Quality, and VP of Quality) and has worked in the following fields: telecommunications, automotive, furniture, food safety, environmental management. As Quality Engineer and Lead Auditor, Jerry developed a software product for 10 years to help manage compliance activities. Jerry went on to develop his own company, Jadian Incorporated, which was sold in 2014. The next logical step for him was to start a new software company developing a member directory of compliance professionals.

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