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2014: Community Based Investing: Crowdfunding and the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption

Co-Learning Plan - 2014

Authors: Angela Barbash, Reconsider


This Co-Learning Plan created a curriculum of investment readiness education and crowdfunding. The curriculum helped businesses in understanding what potential investors will want to know and help them identify the appropriate capital sources for small businesses. It also explained the provisions of the new MILE law (Michigan Invests Locally Exemption).

Project Updated As Of September 30th, 2014


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Author Information

Angela BarbashAngela Barbash, Reconsider

Angela Barbash is the visionary and founder behind Reconsider, an impact economy research and development firm based out of Ypsilanti. She also serves as a Principal at Reconsider's sister company, Revalue, a registered investment advisory firm whose focus is on helping clients understand the often confusing and abstract world of finance in order to align their financial decisions with their values. Angela founded Reconsider in 2012 and with the help of a full team Revalue launched in 2013. The vision for both firms formed as she noticed significant cultural trends leading toward systemic change coming out of the 2008 market correction. Angela has served for 10 years as a financial advisor at both large and small firms, managing over $250 million during her career. Prior to entering the financial services industry Angela studied cultural anthropology and history at Eastern Michigan University and worked at the Michigan Small Business Development Centers.

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