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2020: Community Capital Investing: Mapping the Ecosystem

Co-Implementation Plan 2020

Authors: Angela Barbash


As part of an informal coalition in Michigan working toward a future where community capital is ubiquitous and universally normalized, Revalue (project lead, Angela Barbash) would like to take responsibility for mapping the current ecosystem of people, organizations, and resources that make up the current marketplace. Present their findings to a coalition of 40 members and make the information publicly available via a variety of mediums (blog post, a recorded webinar, press engagement, and an easy to share infographic). They would like also like to take the opportunity to draft a program concept for other leaders who would like to develop a community investment market in their town or region. This project would pave the way for future funding opportunities by other coalition members or by MSU REI and Revalue as joint sponsors.

Author Information

Angela Barbash is CEO of Revalue, an independent registered investment advisory firm founded in 2013, located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Revalue is a Certified B Corporation that provides fee-only financial planning and investment management services designed for impact to values-driven organizations and investors.

Ms. Barbash has dedicated 14 years in service as a financial advisor in the Metro Detroit region and was named a 2018 Notable Women in Finance in Michigan by Crain's Detroit Business. She studied Cultural Anthropology and History at Eastern Michigan University and began her professional career at the Michigan Small Business Development Center (MI-SBDC) before entering financial services sector.

Revalue is a founding member of the United Way of Washtenaw County Financial Stability Coalition and Ms. Barbash is the Board Chair of the National Coalition for Community Capital (NC3).Additionally, Ms. Barbash is an active in various economic development and entrepreneurship initiatives, including providing mentorship and guidance to entrepreneurs, apprenticing new financial advisors, and assisting youth in her community. She is regarding as a subject matter expert on the topics of community capital, crowdfunding, local investing, impact investing, values-aligned employee benefits packages, and community-based investor education.

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