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2023: Shiawassee County Development Handbook

Student-led, Faculty-Guided Project - 2023 (Practicum Project)

Authors: Jack Greenstein, Micheal Jones, Shruti Nahar, & CJ Sivak


Shiawassee County is a low-population rural county that lacks the resources commonly found in larger metropolitan areas. The existing capacity for change is limited, and the County’s fragmentation of local government entities creates unique identities and rules. There are twenty-eight governmental entities in Shiawassee County. While some townships are still under county jurisdiction for planning, several townships have pulled out and begun to plan independently in recent years. Because of financial limitations, the ability to hire is lacking throughout the County. The County needs to attract more business and development opportunities. This project seeks to find ways to improve the planning process to aid Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership to make it easier and more desirable for businesses and developments to locate in Shiawassee County. 

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