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2014: Youth Entrepreneurship - A Call to Action

Co-Learning Plan - 2014

Authors: Cheryl Peters & Ocie Irons, Generation E Institute


This Co-Learning Plan discusses how to implement the Generation E model, a five step approach to developing youth entrepreneurship education in your community. Research was done to discover the regions that have the best climate for youth entrepreneurial development and programs will begin shortly after discovery.

Project Updated As Of September 30th, 2014


Part 1

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Part 2

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Author Information

Cheryl PetersCheryl Peters, Generation E Institute

Cheryl Peters is the Executive Director of the Generation E Institute (GenEI). Ms. Peters has 20 years' experience teaching youth ages 10-18 in the field of career and employability readiness. In 2004 she helped begin the Generation E Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and delivering innovative curricula and programs to create the entrepreneurial mindset in individuals so they may compete in an ever-changing economy. She has authored two copyrighted curricula. In addition, Ms. Peters trains Contractual Associates to replicate GenEI programs, is a presenter at conferences on best practices in entrepreneurship education, received the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award at the 2012 National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, and continues to develop new curricula incorporating experiential learning methodology. The curricula are designed to create an entrepreneurial mindset enabling youth to become our next entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Ocie IronsOcie Irons, Generation E Institute

A GenEI Contractual Associate certified and highly experienced in working with communities to develop youth entrepreneurship programs, Mr. Irons is the owner of IronBridge Development, LLC, as a business developer and community coach. In addition, Mr. Irons is certified to deliver several entrepreneurial education programs with an intense focus on youth and urban populations. Ocie has certified staff at ACCESS and other community organizations who are now delivering Generation E curricula to youth. Mr. Irons has a master’s degree in marketing and will complete his MS degree in Community Economic Development in 2015 and is a partner with Eden Urban Farm. With skills and a focus in community development, Mr. Irons enjoys interacting with communities and making connections between ideas and people in order to solve problems.

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