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Creating Jobs and Wealth in Distressed Michigan Communities

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The fifth annual Innovate Michigan! Summit, was held on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing.

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Johnathan M. Holifield, Architect of Inclusive Competitiveness®

Can America win the economic future?

"Yes," says the Architect of Inclusive Competitiveness®, Johnathan M. Holifield. In this presentation, the Innovation Economy leader, civil rights advocate and former NFL athlete, shines a bright light on the need to increase the economic productivity of disconnected Americans to improve their quality of life and help our nation sustain global economic leadership.

Although the economic narrative of the 20th century served America well, it will not – indeed, it cannot – meet the needs of the 21st century. Johnathan calls for "All Hands On Deck" strategies and lays out an exciting way forward for America to win the future.

Johnathan presents a compelling model for new economic narratives and community systems, along with an action framework for leaders in business, government, technology, education, philanthropy and the community. His presentation is essential to hear for anyone concerned about shared prosperity and the economic future of the U.S.

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Time Session Description Room
8:30–10:00am   Registration Big Ten C Lobby
9:00–10:00am   Michigan Inventors Coalition Expo Presents: Spin, Pitch, & Sell Big Ten A
10:00–10:20am   Welcome: Rex LaMore, Ph.D. (REI) Big Ten C
10:30–11:10am I Flint City Pop Up (CI) 103A
10:30–11:10am I Some College? (CLP) 103B
10:30–11:10am I BLVD Harambee (SLFG),
Net Zero Hybridized Infrastructure Implementation Project (SLFG)
11:10–11:25am   Networking Break  
11:25am–12:05pm II Women Who Weld, Part II (CLP) 103A
11:25am–12:05pm II A One-Stop HR Shop for Agriculture in the Middle (CLP) 103B
11:25am–12:05pm II North Flint Healthy Food Initiative (CI) 104A
12:15–12:45pm Lunch Lunch Big Ten C
12:45–1:30pm Lunch Keynote: Johnathan M. Holifield Big Ten C
1:30–2:30pm Lunch Rate the Innovative Ideas: Rex LaMore and Jennifer Bruen (REI) Big Ten C
2:30–2:45pm   Networking Break  
2:45–3:25pm III Development Strategies for Opportunity Youth (CLP) 103A
2:45–3:25pm III Development of a Sustainable EcoTourism Alliance Organization (CLP) 103B
2:45–3:25pm III A Historical Perspective and Assessment of the Role and Funding of Michigan Regions: A Case for a Demand-Driven Approachs (CLP) 104A
2:45–3:25pm III Dearborn Southend District: Vision Plan and Economic Development Strategy (SLFG),
Civic Park Neighborhood Needs (SLFG)
3:25–3:40pm   Networking Break  
3:40–4:25pm Panel Higher Ed Panel Big Ten C
4:30–6:00pm   Networking Reception Centennial