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As one of the most popular and dynamic university-community gatherings in the state, the 2022 Innovate Michigan! Summit brought together over 100 academics, economic development professionals, students, business and community leaders from across Michigan. The program is designed to address emerging economic development issues and innovations that impact Michigan communities. The Summit also provides a unique opportunity for attendees to meet/network and discuss emerging economic issues and challenges in distressed communities.

This year, Nathan Ohle, the CEO and President of the International Economic Development Council, was well received as he took part in a conversation around equitable economic development. Throughout the day attendees referenced this conversation and spoke of the challenges, opportunities, and how to further equitable economic development efforts in their communities. Attendees were also able to choose from various sessions around growing a well-functioning homebuyer ecosystem, downtown economic resiliency, exploring communal and cooperative investment models, regional tax base sharing, Wayne County Land Bank, creating circular economic opportunities through localizing food cooperatives, community trusts and community land banks, and how to leverage high-speed technology to forge a more equitable path for learning. They were also able to listen to and ask questions of CEDAM fellows' experiences as they worked towards equitable economic development in their communities. 

Attendees left the Summit using words like invigorated, excited, great brainstorming, and valuable! We look forward to your continued engagement and conversation around equitable economic development. Stay posted for the e-update on the call for papers this Fall! 

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