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Creating Jobs and Wealth in Distressed Michigan Communities

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The 2020 Co-Learning Plan projects have been selected and we look forward to the success they will achieve! Co-Learning is a process in which multiple parties collaborate to generate new knowledge. In a Co-Learning Project, innovative economic development tools, models, strategies, policies, and practices are researched. The findings and recommendations serve as a key resource for economic development practitioners and policymakers in Michigan. Co-Learning Plans can be written by practitioners, decision-makers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, or other stakeholders.

Co-Learning Plan 2020 Project Awardees:

Janice Beecher, Ph.D., MSU Institute of Public Utilities:
Paying for Infrastructure: Policies, Practices, and Models for Funding and Financing

Monirehalsadat Mahmoudi, Ph.D., MSU School of Packaging:
Fighting Hunger and Reducing Food Waste in Michigan by Addressing Strategic and Operational Challenges in Measuring Food Accessibility



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