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Dr. Stephen Gasteyer uses the development of a reimagined consumer food cooperative, in coalition with a neighborhood community-based organization, to develop a circular food economy in mid-Michigan that improves the prospects for local food producers and improves the local food access and security. The innovation of this proposal is in the literature on local economic development.

Dr. Beyea's SLFG project focuses on the opportunities and barriers to coordinate transfers between Land Banks and Community Land Trusts to create a pipeline of low-cost properties that could be redeveloped as permanently affordable housing or community serving placemaking amenities. Mr. Beyea will explore cases at both the national and local level to better understand what solution is needed for communities' needs in affordable housing and placemaking of urban vacant land. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide land banks in Michigan with opportunities to collaborate with Community Land Trusts.

To learn more about REI's 2022 project series, including Dr. Gasteyer and Mr. Beyeas' projects, click here! We look forward to their presentations at the 11th Annual Innovate Michigan! Summit, taking place on Thursday, August 18th, 2022.

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