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At the hub of the REI University Center is the Consultative Panel, statewide knowledge-based and experienced experts. The purpose of this select panel is to counsel and advise the REI University Center faculty and staff on the overall project objectives and scope of work. Yesterday, the Center staff once again connected and engaged with the Consultative Panelists (CP) to debrief on the Innovate Michigan! Summit, engage on emerging economic issues, narrow the topical ideas for the upcoming year's call to projects, listen to updates on the Comprehensive Economic Recovery Initiative (CERI), and to engage in a discussion on possible equitable economic development op-ed pieces by the Consultative Panel. 

Panelists discussed concerns around housing, blight, repurposing of vacant buildings, talent retention, seeking new innovative approaches in economic development, addressing the mismatch in job creation and infrastructure, new ideas around human rights as the center of economic development, and the importance of planners in understanding assets and how to attract companies. In addition to points for elected representatives to consider around revitalization and the reauthorization of the US Economic Development Administration.

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