Photo of Flint Aquaponic facility

REI is excited to announce a new co-implementation initiative with previous Co-Learning Plan authors and the Flint community. This initiative is intended to build and strengthen partnerships that will lead to the implementation of an innovative strategy for economic growth.

The Flint Aquaponic Network project, headed by Metro Community Development and the Kettering University Center for Culminating Undergraduate Experiences, will bring together partners to create an entrepreneurial structure and process that to train ex-offenders and other low income individuals to grow and bundle a package of aquaponic products in a Makerspace, and then operationalize businesses within Afterhouses to produce a living wage.

The Youth Entrepreneurship and Flint City Pop-Ups project headed up by Red Ink Flint and Metro Community Development will focus on creating a pipeline for entrepreneurial youth with multiple entry points and several outcomes. The education and support program will target high school student and disconnected 16- to 24-year-olds who are interested in starting their own businesses. Flint City Pop-Up will engage the more advanced youth entrepreneurs, as well as start-ups in the community who will benefit from intermediary step of having a temporary space to do business in.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Bob Brown or Jennifer Bruen.