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2023: Pine Street Business District Improvement Plan

Student-led, Faculty-Guided Project - 2023 (Practicum Project)

Authors: Alex Johnshon, Ahmad Behzad, Faith Vignola, Shuangshuang Fu, & Rashane Thapa


Underutilized lands, deteriorating facades, and a streetscape that does not support vibrant street life and walking continue to be the district's major challenges. It is driven by this that the district has difficulty in attracting investment and taking full advantage of the opportunities around it to reach its full potential. To build on the success of downtown Muskegon and create a unique identity as a district to brand itself as an investment hotspot and promote its existing local businesses and services, Muskegon business district needs revitalization and enhancement of its urban space vibrancy, as well as assisting city officials in establishment of an association to represent the interests of its members. The goal of the project is to transform the Pine Street Corridor into an equitable and sustainable business district with a vibrant public realm, to provide an excellent platform for existing businesses, goods, and services to flourish, as well as brand the area as a hotspot for future investments. This will be accomplished by enhancing walkability and creating a distinctive and unified streetscape that will give the district a unique identity and reinforce the sidewalk as an essential element of the public realm.  

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